Here is an assortment of poetry and prose, done both within the classroom setting and outside of it. When applicable, I also provide notes on the assignment specifications and process used when writing. I greatly appreciate constructive criticisms on any of these pieces, or suggestions for future writing projects. Please feel free to share advice or ideas in the comments sections of this page or individual posts.

As I share more of my work here, I will try to organize this section more thoroughly.

1. “Remember”, Substitutions
2. “Apophenia”, Note Card Poem
3. Chain Poetry
4. “Slow Dance”, Homoliguistic Translation
5. “Keanakolu”, Homophonic Translation
6. “Perhaps it is to feel strike”, Telephone Translation
7.  Newspeak “Trees”, Dialectic Substitution
8. Two Gallants, James Joyce Dialectic translation
9.  Stream of consciousness writings
10. ICA Inspired Poem – “You are a quinceanera”
11. “Plaything of the Poor” – Le Joujou du Pauvre translation
12. “Plaything of the Poor” – Notes on the Text
13. “weird, bizarre symbols”, Phrase Collage
14. “The Pillow Book”, Acrostic Chance
15. “Mad Girl’s Love Song”, Tzara’s Hat
16. “Communications from Elsewhere”, Cut-ups exercise
17. “Untitled”, Euonia
18. “A poem of one hundred greetings and goodbyes.” – Nonsense Poetry
19. “Between December 1881-September 1883” – (not quite) Twenty Words
20. Alphabet Poem
21. Alliteration
22. Diachronicity – “The moment between the one and the next”
23. Table of Contents – “Progress in Work”
24. Excuses, Excuses
25. Travel Guides
26. Pop Quiz – Art Lecture, 101.
27. Micro-poetics: short form poetry
28. Haiku: Quotation
29. Variant short-line: Favorite Words
30. Talking with Andrew Bird




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