A quick update

This much neglected blog was originally made as part of an experimental poetry course I took in the spring semester. I am currently repurposing it to document some of my travels this summer. I will be taking classes at Cambridge this summer, and hopefully doing a fair bit of traveling while I am there. Before classes start, I am going to be exploring London, Frankfurt, and Venice. Posts from here on out will cover some of these trips, as well as other things relating to my traveling and studies.

A summer study abroad seemed like the perfect thing for me – I didn’t want to be away from campus during the school year, and taking the extra credits while away freed up some time in my schedule for the academic year. I think that I am going to have a busy year ahead of me, so I am using this opportunity to work out some of my wanderlust, and focus on relaxation.

While I am writing this brief update from the plane, it’s likely I won’t be able to post it until I actually touch down at London Heathrow airport. Here’s hoping that the rest of the flight is as peaceful as the first part was.

The journey begins!