visiting the wintery tundra of central park in January.

Visiting the wintery tundra of Central Park in January, 2014.

My name is Kristen Kelly. I am 19 years old, and a Sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. This website is an opportunity for me to host some of my writings from some courses, as well as more general blog styled posts. I’ve rarely had the sustained dedication to a cause that allowed me to keep up with a blog, although I imagine that I might enjoy the regular ritual of writing and posting – I hope to use this as a platform to explore and write about some of my various interests, and in general will lack specific form. After living in Philadelphia my entire life, and choosing to remain in the city for College, I’ve started to feel a sense of wanderlust, and would like a method of documenting my future travels.

My primary academic interests include Urban Studies and Sociology, and I find that the areas of overlap between these two disciples is particularly engaging. Growing up in a city as large and diverse as Philadelphia, and constantly trailing behind my father when he worked in construction and redevelopment, makes the intersection between social science and the metropolitan context one that I relate strongly to in both an intellectual and personal capacity. I am also involved in the Asian American Community on campus, through the Asian American Studies Program and within PAACH, the Pan-Asian American Community House. I am also a Junior Member of the Philomathean Society, the oldest continually existing collegiate literary society in the United States.

“About” sections have always struck me as an exercise in vanity, and I hope not to have come across as such. However, I think that I’ve now said everything I could imagine saying. Feel free to explore other sections to get a better understanding of whatever I may have left out. I look forward to having you read it, almost as much as I look forward to neglecting this website, as I have done with all of my past orphaned blogs.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me through the comments section.


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