Table of Contents – Progress in Work

This poem is written in the form of a table of contents. I am very interested in this exercise, and would like to try it several more times. This short poem reflects a few of the things that I am thinking of and feeling at the moment. Over the past couple of days, I have spent a fair amount of time with friends that are in a club with me. One of the people I spent the most time with is my future housemate for next year. I am very excited to be living together, and I have really enjoyed becoming closer friends with one another over the past year.
In this table of contents poem, I reflect some of my personal uncertainty about the future. WIP, Work in Progress, is a bit of a funny way of phrasing things. I feel that we are never done working, so the progression or vocalization of that progression is humorous to me. I chose to have ten chapters, because of the evenness that multiples of ten give to me.

Progress in Work

Table of Contents:
Chapter One: Because when she set out to do something, she did it with great effort.
Chapter Two: However, there are times when her plans may go awry.
Chapter Three: She was glad to have a friend at a time like this.
Chapter Four: When they got hungry, they set of in search for food together.
Chapter Five: WIP
Chapter Six: WIP
Chapter Seven: WIP
Chapter Eight: WIP
Chapter Nine: WIP
Chapter Ten: WIP


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