Pop Quiz – Art Lecture, 101.

The following poem is written in the form of a quiz or examination. The poem seeks to deconstruct the construction of definitions of art. In defining art to be one thing or another, we frequently neglect different areas of art and artistic experiences. As I question my predispositions towards art more and more, I realize that my original assessments of what art can/should be, and the purposes that art fills, were deeply limited.

Art Lecture, 101.
• Short answer: what is art?
• True or false, everything is art.
• True or false, nothing is art.
• Multiple choice: the following influences the interpretation of art – an audience of scholars/professionals, the original artist’s intent, the historical and social context in which the art was created, the reception by the audience, the context in which art is displayed, all of the above, none of the above.
• True or false, plagiarism is an art form.
• True or false, plagiarism is an art form.
• Short answer: is art moral?
• Hypothetical: A performance artist makes a painting in a cave, and destroys it. No audience ever sees the painting. Is the painting art?
• Hypothetical: imagine that I am an artist.


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