a day in New York

I went to New York City yesterday morning with a couple of high school friends, as a day trip to begin my weeklong spring break. Not a great deal of planning went into it at all – we bought bus tickets a few days in advance, and didn’t make any arrangements for what we wanted to do until we got there. The last time I was in New York, every detail was planned out perfectly. (Of course, it made sense to have a strict schedule – the last trip was a mid-year retreat for an organization I am on the planning board for, and we had to coordinate a group of 40.) Yesterday’s trip was just a group of four of us, and we could do with a certain degree of freedom.

eating a very tiny piece of pizza.

eating a very tiny piece of pizza.

So we got off the bus in the morning, and walked to Times Square. It’s something that I usually avoid, but it was the first time that Andrew had gone to Times Square, and sharing in something for the first time with a friend made it exciting.

DSC01752  DSC01738


We walked to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, going through Central Park. We stopped a couple of times just to sit and watch, and it was really relaxing. There is always so much to see at the museum. I wouldn’t know how many times I have been there before, but it seems like I always come across something new that I like.

There is a visiting exhibition about ink art, and I thought that Eric would enjoy it. We saw it last, and I sat in the garden room for a little bit and just waited and felt calm. Eric is going to spend the next two years in the Korean military, and I am going to miss him when he is away.

Book from the Sky, Artist: Xu Bing. From "Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China", temporary exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Book from the Sky, Artist: Xu Bing. From “Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China”, temporary exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

From the museum, we walked back across the park and took the subway back to the Penn Station stop. Kane said that it was his first time on the New York City subway, and I was surprised by that, though I don’t exactly know why it was a shocking statement. I spent a lot of time riding the subway in my junior year of high school for a short internship in New York, and I took a liking to the subway system there. We walked to movie theater and watched the Lego Movie, which was incredibly good. The theater was mostly empty and I didn’t feel bad about laughing as loudly as I did.

We got burgers from the Five Guys right next to the theater and walked to catch our bus, which we made in plenty of time. Andrew and I sat next to each other on the ride back home, and we got to talking for a while, just asking questions of one another. It’s nice to have those types of conversations with old friends.

skyline from central park.

skyline from central park.


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