Phrase Collage – weird, bizarre symbols

To get these ~100 lines, I copied down quotations from a variety of sources. Many lines come from thing I have overheard over the past several days – a few things jotted down from lectures and seminars that I am in, as well as the snippets of conversations that I have caught when walking down the street. Correspondence between myself and friends have also made their way into these lines, from text messages that I have sent and received, emails and facebook messages and status updates. To diversify some of what I was using, I have also randomly selected tweets from the twitter account “horse ebooks” and a couple of lines from Twitch Plays Pokemon. Because this poem is long, please read it after the cut.

The cheapest land is out in the suburbs
They say, we don’t want this.
So we got free donuts, and we both rode the same bicycle
I think that it went better than yesterday
The moral of the story is that JP Morgan is nicer
Take a picture of it if you want then
We can’t change our brunch reservation
It’s a rough life
guys listen here I can guys wait look here I have a poem to read guys? guys?
I just missed it.

I m going to outline 14 different ways that I ve found you
-And Gain Power By Learning Ways To Become Peaceful
Why many people achieve very little despite spending most of their time
Then I decided to try an experiment and put all of my hard work to the test.

The next morning I got up and walked straight to my computer
We both have discussed, researched heavily
I have personally used this technique to break many memory
and how often they hear it.

But a big part of it is bussing
Are you here??
Will you save me a seat
Ordering takeaway in the middle of the day
Shape the loaves – sprinkle flour on your surface
Exposure to financial hazards
Novel poetry, or poetry novel?
There aren’t places to get fresh produce
We shared an umbrella and walked all the way back
I am so happy for you
I am so so happy for you

I have a few friends coming over this weekend to help me out
I want the lamp
Something’s going on there
It’s barely snowing though, and I remember the nice weather.
It’s okay, I’ll take the next one.
But I liked how real it seemed, like something from my childhood.
Tentatively, yes
Good luck with grad school things
Drawing crazy patterns on your sheets
Anarchy, anarchy, democracy,
Another place would tell
All the various circumstances you might encounter when turning
Up, down. Up.

Tracing the shape of his broad shoulders across her thigh
The boat that we never used
I would write there, if I had the time.
And I’m just wondering, is this a reference to the manic pixie dream girl trope?
Do you need anything?
I never know how much milk to buy.
It can just become such a hassle, you know.
My mother is coming this weekend, and I completely forgot.


I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for your birthday
It was a sushi place I’d never been before, and we sat in the very back of the room.
I will also accept $1 coins and/or chicken nuggets as suitable forms of payment.
The metro here confuses me, it’s not intuitive enough.
We look like tourists, so we should act like tourists.
It’s like the whole city is underground, like down here could be where all of the lizard people live.
I have never seen an escalator this long.
I got the wrong food, but I walked so far in the cold.
Nobody is dying fast enough for him to get a job in academia.
Demand Furniture
at the insights you gain about those weird, bizarre symbols in your dreams.


Cut out the sentiments. We don’t need to look at eyes and lips.
Your dialogue has been tightened up a lot.
He peed, but not aggressively.
I laughed at that, when I first read it.
You can really just feel the loneliness in this world without women
Her massive intangibility, a line from an 11th grade essay on the Great Gatsby.
We made a race, to see who could name the most types of pasta in sixty seconds.
The same kind of cookies I used to eat when I was abroad
They’re my favorites, my absolute favorites.
Where’s the rest of it?

I wondered what you were doing, and if you had eaten lunch yet.
I’m sending you microwaves
We didn’t need bridges in Romania after all, even if we made the documents ourselves.
Redacted redacted poetry redacted.
I wonder what it’s like in California.
I measure my life in the silver spoons and forks and plates and bowls accumulating in our sink, none of them my own.
A clean sound, like church bells.
You should always try to read it backwards.
Good luck. Happy birthday.

It reminded me too much of The Catcher in the Rye, and not in a good way.

Having no friends has the same effect on life expectancy as smoking 15 cigarettes in one day.

It made me think of you.


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