Telephone translation – Perhaps it is to feel strike

This translation exercise involved translating a work between several languages using an online translator. This poem went through many languages, including English, German, Greek, Thai, Zulu, and Ukrainian. To abstract the meaning from the original, I attempted to select a variety of languages from vastly different geographic locations. The poem that I translated was “Perhaps it is to feel strike” by e.e. Cummings. I preserved the original line breaks, although the nature of the translator services and post formatting has removed the stylistic indentations. Because many of these lines have varied in length and meaning in comparison to the originals, I do not find the absence of indentations to dramatically alter the flow of this poem.

Maybe it makes sense to hit.
Is naked money
I felt strong spines.

Youth, traveled in the past year.

Worried or embarrassed
Their idea, in my opinion, as I am.


their youth
And if the hearing
This is what I told him no pleasure.
As I walk alone
Most large forest
And my feet are not fully known.
The potential of rage and serenity.

And because it’s beautiful


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