Dialectic translation – Newspeak “Trees”

Joyce Kilmer’s “Trees” is a poem. I have done my best to translate it into Newspeak, the language of George Orwell’s 1984. A frequent criticism of Trees is that it is overly sentimental and adhered too strongly to outdated traditional forms. (To generalize, it isn’t very good.) It has been the subject of frequent parody, having even inspired a derivative “Joyce Kilmer Memorial Bad Poetry Contest” at Columbia University’s Philolexian Society. In my poem, I try to simplify the language, so as to better express our doubleplusbellythink doublepluslove of BB.

I will unalways see
A prolefeed good as a tree.

ref: a doubleplushunger tree
nutritionwise superstate

Tree telescreen
Physical jerks goodthink to bb.

A tree in Summer weared
hair birds

Snowwise breast
Sexcrime rain

Prolefeed are versificator by proles,
But only Big Brother can artsem a tree


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