Chain Poetry

For this assignment, the class was given an order and allowed to make whatever permutations to the poem they saw fit. I took the poem out of the haiku form, separating each into three columns by dividing the lines into first, middle, and last. When I finished, I had twenty one lines in each column, and divided them into three subsections of seven lines each. I took the first subsection from the first, second, and third columns, and put them together to make the first portion. I continued the same process using the second and third subsections.

students colligates
trinket luminous
audience impaled
luxurious and flamboyant
A dated Mustang
the eyes green now faded
wells damps of sweat
a dormitory often
a trinquete is a special
in rhetoric, particular
Stefani had an emotional
The earliest certain ancestor
a false, coined, fake, bogus or
a list of visitor attractions
running clocks tick-tacking
dimensionally carvalhos to top
a end bitter
with a statue brusque
its motor stills roar
she scratched, chips, breaks
on lights brilliants

he wraps o’round heat
I am positive
and must append in
how you are courageous for
Chapinha champanhe obsoleto (sloshing champagne obsolete)
pure innovation
ridge of Turkish brilliant
Telefonica, S. A.
A tittle or superscript
Asyndenton is a figure
the word how is used as a
the free surface effect is
purely functional is a
tectonic uplift is the
hugging every rib
for look able
for look able
cuts from paper bloody
they say. Kiss of year new.
population remexe
Moses goes, he takes

Tailcoats the grass
my muscles become tense
one vote to protect
the smell of tint fresh
Frames mounted knocked down
I wet pains in members
But I can adapt?
Oh time runs, tickety tockety
a dress coat, sometimes called a
the Virgin Mary, the mother
in mathematics, negative
a false, coined, fake, bogus or
an A-frame is a basic
A tittle or superscript
Asyndenton is a figure
a hydrogen bond is the
revestimento de açúcar Terra
impeded by fear
soldiers fight until the death
Smell esteems Escritores
fight, disconnect
and forget defeat
To be accepted
the people forget?

I enjoyed the short quality of these lines, as they maintained the five or seven syllable format of the haiku despite being taken from that form. There are some lines which are not five or seven syllables, and although these were likely unintentional on the part of the previous writer in the cycle, I preserved the lines as written. I think that the succinct nature of haiku lends itself well to very exact and beautiful imagery, and was interested to see how the imaginative vocabulary and specific groupings of words would react with one another when displaced. Although many lines are inexact and lack the grammatical structure present in the original compositions, there are also several places in which the new recombined poem has a new flow that I appreciate.

The recombination also allowed for opportunities to change the meanings of different lines. Interpretations of significance varies strongly based on context, and the imagery of transient glamor present in the first section is one that is very different from the more scientific approach in the second, or the militaristic connotations in the third. Although many of the lines manifest in each section at different points, the effect of their surrounding lines is significant.


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