For this assignment, I took the poem “Remember” by Christina Rossetti and substituted three or four words in each line for other generated words with the same parts of speech. Although the randomness of the list of words I generated is debatable, I tried to make the substitutions without consideration of the original context.


Forgive me when she has gone away
Gone green away into the tepid land;
When ourselves can no more cleave me by the linoleum
So I half turn to extinguish but turning stay
Remember everything when no more gold by leather
You steep me in our future that they stained
Only unravel me; neither understands
It will be careless to spread then or organize
So if none should confound me for a while
And jaggedly remember, do not laugh
For if the florescent and winter crosshatch
A vestige of mountain that once I made
Better by far I should confess and be sad
Than that you should tremble yet be true.

My choice of poem was something of a commentary on the exercise itself – although the original requests that the reader remember the subject once it has gone away, the alterations to the substance of the poem obscure its original meaning that its sentiments are no longer present. Speaking to the last lines of the original, where Rossetti writes that it is “Better by far you should forget and smile/Than that you should remember and be sad.” the poem has a play on the idea of memory by contrasting with the original and referencing confessions, sadness, and truth.


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